The 7 statutory duties of safety management personnel must be kept in mind!

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Article 22 of the Work Safety Law

The production safety management organization and production safety management personnel of the production and operation unit perform the following duties:

1、Organize or participate in the drafting of production safety rules and regulations, operating rules and emergency rescue plans for production safety accidents;


2、Organize or participate in the production safety education and training of the unit, and truthfully record the safety production education and training;


3、Supervise the implementation of safety management measures for major dangerous sources of the unit;


4 organize or participate in emergency rescue drills of the unit;


5 Inspect the safety production status of the unit, timely investigate the hidden dangers of production safety accidents, and put forward suggestions for improving safety production management;


6 Stop and correct acts that violate command, force risky operations, and violate operating regulations;


7 Supervise and implement the safety production rectification measures of the unit.


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