Announcement on Launching the Centralized Governance Action to Open the "Life Channel"

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The fire truck passage is the road for fire trucks to pass when a fire occurs, and it is the "life passage" for fire fighting and rescue. However, at present, the phenomenon of blocking the passage of fire trucks still exists in various places throughout the province, so situations that affect fire rescue and even cause casualties occur from time to time. In order to effectively strengthen the management of fire truck passages, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Fire Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management, a centralized governance action to open up the "life passage" was carried out across the province. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Focus on centralized governance

High-rise buildings and large commercial complexes, cultural and cultural units, hotels and restaurants, school hospitals, pension institutions, public entertainment venues and other densely populated places, as well as fire truck access in residential areas.

Second, specific work tasks

The management unit of the building or the property service enterprise in the residential area shall implement the following maintenance and management responsibilities for the fire truck passage in the management area:

1. According to the relevant provisions of the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Law of the People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety, and the national standard "Road Traffic Signs and Markings" (GB 5768), delineate at the entrances and exits of roads, roads, and sides Set eye-catching lines, set warning signs, and maintain them regularly to ensure that they are clear and eye-catching (for details, please refer to “Jiangsu Fire Protection Network” notification notice column “Setting standards for fire truck channel identification”).

2. Designate personnel to conduct inspections and take technical precautions such as installing cameras to ensure that vehicles in the management area can only be parked in parking lots (garages) or lined parking spaces, not to occupy fire truck passages, and publicize illegal occupation. .

3. The planned parking space for roads in the management area should reserve the width of the fire truck passage. The clear width and clearance height of the fire truck passage shall not be less than 4 meters, and the turning radius shall meet the requirements of the fire truck turning.

4. No obstacles such as parking berths, structures, fixed isolation piles, etc. shall be set up on the passage of fire trucks, and no obstacles such as trees, overhead pipelines, billboards, decorations, etc. that hinder the operation of fire trucks shall be set up between fire truck lanes and buildings.

5. The closed entrances and exits of fire trucks shall be implemented with safeguards that are opened immediately in case of emergency, without affecting the passage of fire trucks.

6. Regularly carry out propaganda and education to the management objects and residents, remind the harmfulness and illegality of occupying fire truck passages, and improve the legal and fire safety awareness of the unit and the public.

7. Any act of occupying, blocking or closing the passage of the fire truck shall be stopped and discouraged in a timely manner; if the parties refuse to obey, the evidence shall be fixed by taking pictures and videos, etc., and immediately report to the fire rescue agency and the public security organ.

For residential residential areas without property service enterprises, townships, streets, and community neighborhood committees organize the establishment of management agencies, or entrust management agencies with government purchase services, etc., with reference to the preceding paragraph, to implement the duties of maintaining and managing fire truck passages in residential areas.

Handling of illegal acts

Units and individuals who violate this notice shall be investigated and punished by the public security, fire protection, planning, housing management, urban management, and transportation departments according to law. For acts of occupying, blocking, or closing the passage of fire trucks, obstructing the passage of fire trucks, punishment of warnings and fines shall be implemented in accordance with the law. For those who have been ordered to refuse to make corrections, they shall be forced to remove or remove relevant obstacles or obstructions in accordance with relevant regulations The cost shall be borne by the offender; those who hinder the execution of the fire truck shall be given a warning, fine or detention in accordance with the law. Units and individuals who refuse to make corrections, or are given administrative penalties such as fines, detention, or severely affected by illegal parking for many times, shall be included in the fire safety serious dishonesty according to law, recorded in corporate credit files and personal integrity records, and implemented joint punishment.

Four, complaint hotline

Any unit or individual who discovers illegal acts of occupying, blocking, or closing the passage of fire trucks can report to the local 12345 platform or 96119 fire hazard reporting hotline.


Office of Jiangsu Fire Safety Committee

December 25, 2019

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