Guotai 2020 "Join Together · Seek for a Win-Win" New Year's Annual Conference Successfully Ended

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[Guo Tai News] On January 17th at 11:19 am, Cathay Pacific Group's 2020 "Join Together · Seek Win-Win" Annual Banquet was held and concluded successfully. Group Chairman Wang Genbin, together with specially invited leaders and guests, attended the headquarters of Cathay Pacific Group, employees at all levels of the fire protection, civil defense, engineering, Internet of Things, investment and other divisions, and representatives at all levels of the branch. Imagine the future of Cathay and celebrate the reunion year of Cathay.


[Site Photography of Annual Meeting]

The annual conference is divided into four chapters: Cathay empowerment, Cathay Huazhang, Cathay counterparts, Cathay prospects. Opening in rumbling drums, ending in beautiful dance music; opening in the congratulations of the industry and leaders, in the chairman's finale prize draw and Cathay VCR's endless aftertaste. At the opening of the annual meeting, the chairman of the group, Wang Genbin, reviewed the 2019 year that continues to move forward with passion. This year was a year of Cathay Pacific change, a year of Cathay ’s transition, and a year of Cathay ’s second take-off. In January, the Cathay National Industrial Park was completed, and the quality of Cathay's fire protection products was further upgraded. In July, the Cathay Group Fire School was officially approved for establishment; in August, the Jiangsu Cathay Pacific Assistance Foundation was officially established; in September, Cathay fire extinguishers passed the "CE "European Union certification, officially went abroad; in October, Cathay Pacific won the title of" Top Ten National Enterprises "for eight consecutive years; in December, the Cathay Pacific-Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail officially launched ... So far, Cathay Pacific Group has made a leap forward A new era of development.


[Leadership Congratulations on New Year]

      This year's Cathay Pacific 2020 "Joining Together and Seeking Win-Win" annual banquet was particularly wonderful, and the whole process was in a tight rhythm. There is a chorus "I and My Motherland" from the group headquarters, which highlights the patriotism and love of the Cathayans; and "Hand Shadow Dance" from the fire department, the program is creative and shows the colorfulness of the Cathays; The dance skewers of "Burning My Calories + Seagrass Dance" from the Civil Air Defense Department show the vitality of Cathay people; there is a song "Backgammon" from the Engineering Department, which makes people feel extremely pride; The solo singing "Spring of the North Country" by the Internet Division showed the charm of Cathay's Spring Festival ... certificates and prizes were also awarded to outstanding employees of Cathay during the annual meeting, and multiple rounds of WeChat red envelope rain and shake The interaction of the sweepstakes and other draws made the climax of the entire venue repeatedly, until he turned ...


 [Award photo]


[Site Highlights of the Annual Meeting-Photography]

After leaving the old age, we are full of pride and welcome the new year, Cathay people are full of confidence. In this challenging environment full of opportunities in 2020, our Cathay people will work together with Chairman Wang Genbin to persevere with perseverance and perseverance to achieve a win-win situation and create a brighter and brighter Cathay tomorrow. !


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