Chairman of He Group won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Glorious Business"

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[Guotai News] Recently, the chairman of the group, Wang Genbin, was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award 2019" by the Nanjing Pukou District Federation of Industry and Commerce and the United Front Work Department in recognition of his outstanding achievements for the glorious cause.

In recent years, under the requirements and leadership of the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the United Front, the Cathay Pacific Group has actively participated in various activities in the glorious cause. While maintaining its steady and healthy development, it has undertaken social responsibilities. , Environmental protection and other fields contribute their own strength. The “Outstanding Contribution Award” won by Wang Dong this time is definitely more exciting for Cathay.

In the 20 years since its establishment, the Cathay Pacific Group has spared no effort in social welfare, and its outstanding performance has been recognized by all sectors of society. In 2019, the Cathay Poverty Alleviation Foundation was established to provide more direct channels to help poor families and improve the quality of life of poor families; to fund orphans and elderly people without financial resources; Complete academic and other glorious careers. Cathay Group Chairman Wang Genbin said that in the future, Cathay Group will invest more in the glorious cause, and use the role of example to drive more enterprises to participate in the glorious cause, thereby promoting the development of the glorious cause in Nanjing.


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